Welcome to the Indian Ridge Homeowners Association.  As a homeowner in the Indian Ridge community, you are part of one of the best neighborhoods in the area. You're just minutes away from Interstate I-65, 20 minutes from Nashville, and you’re within walking distance to the Greenway Parkway and White House Heritage High School.

This neighborhood can boast of so many advantages regarding location; from the new Wal-Mart to easy access of Hirsch Parkway. Most of you would agree that this played a large part in making your decision to move here. Now you find what matters most is the close community we experience here. In this neighborhood, we truly can say that The Association looks out for the safety and needs of our Members. We offer a lot of info on our website to take care of your needs as a Member of the Association. Our cost is low but the value for the family is high.

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Facility Images 

Shown below are the key features of the IRHOA Common Area. Your dues make sure the level of fit and finish are maintained for the future. Updates and other unfunded State requirements are kept in mind when budgets and rates are set. We strive to keep the facility and its ancillary features useable and ready for our members. We contract for pool maintenance and lawn mowing to present a consistent and friendly well kept look for our members and friends. This facility actually has brought new owners into the subdivision as it represented an additional value to them and their resale when it was time to move on.

                                                                                                 Back and side views of the pool. The pool is 3 feet deep at the shallow end and 5 feet on the deep end.


This is our children's play area. The area is also lighted at night.

This is our Clubhouse view from the inside. As you can see there is ample room for our members to schedule get-togethers. This is the location for the annual meeting as well.


These are views of the volleyball court, tennis court and covered picnic area which are lighted and usable for your convenience 24 hours a day. The tennis courts do require a members key to obtain access.  Keys are given to new members of the neighborhood at their closing or shortly after moving into their homes. If you need a key, go to the feedback section to request a key.